This month's specials




2019.10.01.Flower Fizz

2019.10.01.Bloody eye

2019.07.01.Bar GOEN Grand open

2019.05.05.Bar GOEN open

2018.12.08.closless closed

2018.05.01.Japanese Basil Tonic

2018.03.01.New Cocktail!![Spring flower]

2018.02.01.New Cocktail!![Mulled Tea]

2018.01.01.New Cocktail!![Mulled Wine]

2017.12.01.New Cocktail!![Winter Fuji]

2017.11.01.New Cocktail!![Kyoto Martini]

2017.10.01.New Cocktail!![Libra]

2017.09.01.New Cocktail!![Purple Butterfly]

2017.08.01.New Cocktail!![Leo]

2017.08.01.New Cocktail!![Frozen Dragon]

2017.03.01.New Cocktail!![Pisces]

2017.03.01.New Cocktail!![Mr Orange Ninjya]

2016.12.01.New Cocktail!![POSION APPLE]

2016.08.01.New Cocktail!![SAKE SAKURATINI]

2015.12.01.New Cocktail!![Sagittarius]

2015.10.15.New Cocktail!![Black oparl]

2015.06.01.New Cocktail!![closless Sangria]

2015.06.01.New Cocktail!![Japanese Mule]

2015.04.01.World Whiskies Awards 2015 Winners(WWA2015)

Worlds Best Single Malt 

Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique------180rmb/shot


Worlds Best Blended Malt

Nikka Taketsuru 17 years old------80rmb/shot


2015.04.01. information----4/5(sun) 4/6(mon)OPEN

2015.02.08. information----2/18(wed)〜20(fri) CLOSE・02/21(sat)〜24(tues)OPEN

2015.02.05.NIKKA Whisky MIYAGIKYO15years

                  1shot---130RMB *only one bottle limited


2014.12.12.YAMAZAKI 2014 Limited Edition  

                  1shot---100RMB *only one bottle limited


2014.09.23. information----10/1(wed)〜6(mon) OPEN・10/7(tues)CLOSE

2014.09.10. information----9/10(wed) 22:00~ private party

2014.09.03. information----9/7(sun) OPEN ・ 9/8(mon) CLOSE

2013.07.01 July Birthstone Cocktail (Ruby)

 2013.06.01 June Birthstone Cocktail (Pearl)

 2013.05.01 May Birthstone Cocktail (Emerald)

 2013.04.01 April Birthstone Cocktail (Diamond)

2013.04.18 BAR CLOSLESS is 2nd Anniversary! Thank you for all!!


2013.04.09 Strat the 10 kind of Mojito


2013.01.28 We are open in Chinese new year


2013.01.01 A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!